Borner Timeline


Over more than half a century, Borner has established its worldwide reputation for the highest quality, innovative kitchen tools. From its flagship “V-slicer” mandoline to other tools for peeling, julienne slicing, juicing, grating, and many other kitchen tasks, Borner kitchen utensils are designed and produced with the critical eye for excellence and detail always associated with products “made in Germany.”

Functional design, ease of use, and careful attention to the choice of food-safe and premier quality materials make Borner’s kitchen tools the pathway to what might be called the “secondary health care” lifestyle: quick, safe, and easy preparation of healthy fresh foods, with maximum retention of vitamins and food value.

Back in 1956, Alfred Borner designed his first “onion-slicer” from two pieces of wood and 4 sharp blades. This was the beginning of what would become over two generations the key to the Borner family business: a patented line of mandolins, or “V-slicers”:

For over 60 years, Borner has revised and perfected its patented flagship product, the V-Slicer mandolin. But time stands still for no-one--so Borner continues to develop more hand-held kitchen tools suitable for everyone, whether food professionals or home chefs.

Along with its V5 Powerline slicer, Borner now offers graters, fine julienne slicers, juicers, peelers, and a variety of other kitchen tools for all purposes. The common denominator: that uncompromising attention to detail and quality that makes "Made in Germany" the trademark of excellence. Borner's quality kitchen tools will indeed "Change your life!".

Two generations of the Borner family have contributed to the company’s growth from its small original production facility in Gladbeck (Westphalia) to its current 345,000 square foot factory in Landscheid-Niederkail . At this state of the art, computer-controlled facility, over 70 employees continue to refine and improve on the existing Borner products, as well as developing new and innovative tools for the healthy home.

From the development and construction of injection moulds to production and shipping, the entire process takes place at Niederkail. Our departments for tool design, construction and punching, together with our production hall for injection moulding, all the way down to the final wrapping machines, everything occurs in house to ensure the integrity and high quality of every Borner product.

With local and national distributors as well as online stores on almost every continent, Borner has truly become a world leader in the field of space-saving, efficient, quality kitchen tools in over 50 countries. Along with its worldwide success, however, Borner remains at heart a family-owned company, committed to serving its employees and its loyal customers and distributors worldwide. We take our business personally, and we value the people who make up our team, along with those who will enjoy the premium quality products that we create.

At Borner, we believe the finest tools for preparing a healthy diet can literally “Change your life!”